Why take charge of your health during your COVID-19 recovery, Medium & Long COVID !!

On 1/28/2022 I visited Urgent Care feeling shortness of breath while I was driving, It had happened for about two days at this point. I had  I tested positive for COVID-19 a week earlier!! It was exactly 10 days later that I decided to go in, my back hurt so bad along with rib pain it was awful!! I didnt have a cough, didn’t have a runny nose, not even weezing! You see, I have asthma & when I get sick I usually get really sick!! So with COVID-19 it was quite different I was fine for about four days!! I was surprised that my symptoms got worse when I would lay down!! My doctors office refused to see me, they said even though the protocol was to isolate for 5 days, they wouldn’t see patients until 10 days!! So off to Urgent care I went!! This was actually the start of my COVID-19 Recovery Journey!! I was diagnosed with Lung inflammation & Costochondritis!! What is Costochondritis?? It is inflammation in the cartilage between your ribs & it’s very painful!! I’ve had this before when I had walking pneumonia! ooch!!

One The most important things I learned from this experience is the importance of taking care of yourself and look for doctors that will help you!! I think this is true if you’re having any type of health problem, if the doctor that you are currently seeing isn’t providing you with the proper care, my advice is to go else where!! It doesn’t mean they will solve the problem or give you a cure but they may give you the dignity of listening to you & try to help you as much as possible!! So I turned to Naturopathic medicine!! & so glad I did!! I was Also glad I went to urgent care & very thankful they took an XRay & determined that inflammation was part of my problem!! I was prescribed ibuprofen & rest πŸ™‚

Naturopathic Doctor to the Rescue

I’m coming to find out that Naturopathic doctors are like a total body care center, its like getting a 100,000 mile check up on your car but in terms of the field of medicine, it’s on your body!! My visit to My Doctor, she’s known as Doctor A, was amazing in so many ways!! Not only did she listen to me, she provided me with natural medicine that helped me right after I started taking them!! The first set of meds were helpful!! Unfortunately I have to be careful even with supplements but they helped tremendously. I was given a specialized lung tincture & naturopathic inflammation supplements!!

Reasons to add Naturopathic Medicine

Sometimes convention medicine do not have all the answers, and sometimes those that work with others also dont have the interest in their patience unfortunately!! I think we also have to becareful not to insist on our own ways too, so there has to be a good balance but for me Ive been trying to be patient with my doctors. At times they may have been great for when you were having a particular problem and I’m ever so thankful for their care at those times. My doctor has since retired and Im seeing  a new doctor which could have been part of the problem with my Post COVID-19, Long COVID-19 issues!! He just didn’t know how to help because he didn’t know me either….don’t know but that’s Ok I’m doing better now πŸ™‚

But before I found my Naturopathic doctor, I had a checkup with my retired doctor, he was helping on this day as a follow up to my Urgent Care visit & unfortunately they checked my lungs and they seemed clear & I was assured I was a young & healthy person and would get better in time!! I was told to keep taking ibuprofen & rest! I have gone to see my doctor before when I was going thru hormonal issues, of which I still am and again they wanted to either put me on birth control which my body can’t tolerate πŸ™ My Gynecologist offered the same and even said that if I continued with these problems I may need a Hysterectomy! What??? Well that’s another story, but I’ll save for another post!! On that occasion not only did i alleviate my issues by doing some research & changing my diet, I also added natural supplements that I feel helped me so much!! So i left the doctors office feeling like um I didn’t get any answers like with the hormonal problems & was only told to continue taking ibuprofen for lung inflammation:)

But as my pain & COVID-19 issues continued, and actually got worse for a time it made me feel so worried!! So this is when I decided to find a Naturopathic Doctor!! I was so excited to find one that was covered by my insurance!! I searched out another doctor which seemed very knowledgeable but I couldn’t afford paying out of pocket!! Sorry Corina D!! So if you can ask your insurance company to find out if there’s a naturopathic doctor in your area it’s worth it! Also I called my insurance to make sure I can also go to a regular doctor if I Needed to and they said that it can be done!! I love it, I can get the best of both worlds if I need to!!

One thing I appreciated was that My Naturopathic doctor ordered lab work as well as a CT scan of my lungs!! I was so relieved that she was listening to me!! Although I didn’t get a CT scan yet!! I/m not sure why but im ok without one for now. My New regular doctor on the other hand I felt was not listening to me!! When I got the results I was so amazed!! COVID-19 had totally affected my body!! My Iron was low, Vitamin D, and Vit B3 was low as well, theres also something off with blood!!! Right away I was put on supplements to boost these levels!! Believe it or not, I felt better the following day!! I am so grateful for my Naturopathic provider for taking the time to check my levels!! If you have COVID-19 and still having issues after 5 days, having your blood level checked/labs taken may help you on your way to feeling better after taking the necessary supplements if your low in something πŸ™‚ I have not had any problems with iron or Vitamin D before so I know COVID-19 caused some type of problem!! Im so happy to be feeling so much better, and hoping to get back to running soon!! (I’m not in a hurry because I don’t want to relapse) I no longer have the pain I felt at the beginning!! The Costochondritis has subsided now!! What a relief because I felt like an old lady not able to move around, carry laundry baskets or even bend over!! I couldn’t even talk for long periods of time, I would get short of breath & my lungs would hurt!! I had a low grade fever from the virus for like a month too & just felt sick!! Its been 2 months and 8 days since starting this COVID-19 Journey & hope to continue to improve!! I’m so excited thinking about walking regularly and exercising again one day!! Ive done 2, one mile walks so far!! Yay!! It wasn’t recommended that I exercise but I’m starting to do stretches & using light dumbbells, 5lb weights!!

COVID-19 can bring on different symptoms for everyone, so making sure to keep up with what your body needs is so important!! If you have a doctor, its ok to find another that will help you with your symptoms if you’re getting worse or you’re not getting seen at your doctors office!! I also highly recommend finding a Naturopathic Doctor to be part of your team!! If you’re having hormonal issues I also recommend going to a Naturopathic doctor too!! Or ask for a hormonal test kit & allergy test kit with your primary care provider. You can also order these tests online πŸ™‚

Another suggestion by the CDC is taking antiviral medicine as soon as you get sick. I’m not sure they would have helped me but I know that being vaccinated & boosted was so helpful! I couldn’t imagine getting sick without the vaccines & how much worse I could have been!!

So don’t get discouraged this too shall pass!! I didn’t think it would but I’m getting better everyday!! So many people are feeling misunderstood and ignored but Post COVID-19, Long COVID-19, medium COVID-19, its a real thing πŸ™‚ we are in this together & soon we will get better πŸ˜‰ hang in there!! Hope you find answer, Hope you find ways to cope but more importantly hope your staying positive!!
So lets Live, Love, Laugh even though we may not feel well!!


So keep taking care of yourself especially if your sick & if your able to help others that will help you too πŸ™‚ You know what is said, “There’s more Happiness in Giving than there is in receiving”-Acts 20:35:)

Hope this post was helpful!! Thanks for visiting!!



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