Ways to cope during this Pandemic?? Helpful suggestions I appreciate!!



Life has not been the same for the world in general and for about a month people in Maine have been in quarantine!! How are you doing? What’s helping you stay sane as you hunker down at home? What’s helping you endure Stay in place orders and being quarantined? What’s helping you stay sane with your children? Spouse? Pets? What’s helping you pass the time? What are some of your favorite shows/ new shows you love?

For some of us, we’ve never been busier!! Staying home and schooling our children… yikies, how about when you are working from home/outside of home, schooling children and still providing meals, and household chores!! Ay yay yay!!

I just have to say “kuddos” to all those who day in and day out provide for their families, who are in the necessary workers category, and also to all those moms out there who are probably suffering from exhaustion!! I also want to remind you that This too shall pass!!  We can get thru this together!! Here are a few helpful things that have helped me out….

Helpful Coping skills

Hope you can get some rest out there, take the time to laugh with your family, to order take out once in a while!!

Ordering take out once in a while will not only help keep your sanity but also help your local businesses keep running!! Last week going to our local Italian bakery for our Saturday baked bean lunch felt normal, I absolutely loved it!  I even bought donuts to celebrate!! Yummy!!  Sometimes we think everything is closed but many restaurants are accepting take out orders! Or are open but with some restrictions! Go Ahead splurge alittle if you can!!

A friend told me told me she was given a valuable tip worth noting that helps during anxious times, “don’t take yourself to seriously”. It’s so easy to do with so much anxiety out there so I thought Of some things that will help like How about dancing, put on some music! Go ahead dance like there’s no one watching! The other day I found myself laughing when I saw snowflakes after we had a lovely spring day!, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I literally laughed out loud! Take time to enjoy special moments, go ahead and watch funny shows!! Be goofy with your kids!! I have to remind myself to do this too!!

Get exercise!! Nothing helps tame an anxious mind faster than a walk or bike ride around your block, keeping social distancing rules of course!! Wear your mask, keep a safe distance and beware of dogs at large…bring good dog biscuits with you!!!  lol! We’ve been walking a mile regularly and have advanced to 2.4 miles! My kids love it!! if you can try getting out everyday! Go ahead get some fresh air!! We even went fishing! It was abit chilly but why not get out there!!

Beautiful Country inspiration for you today, beautiful views!!

Delightful walk in the snowy Maine woods, fun despite COVID-19 era!!

Buy yourself flowers!! Why wait for someone else to buy them for you!! On your next trip pick up something colorful to brighten up you days and your home!! You’ll love It!! Monday’s Good Day flower Vibe! Have a Happy day!


So I hope through this Covid19-19 Pandemic you are keeping positive, taking care of yourself and your loved ones!! I’ll say that because I love hearing Lester Holt says something Similar when closing the nightly news!! I love hearing it, i feel it’s worth sharing!! It’s so true try to think of ways to take care of yourself and others!!

For me my faith is so important..reading the Bible and bible based publications and attending video conference  meeting helps me tremendously. Philippians 4:6;7 has wonderful advice when you’re anxious.. and there are many other encouraging bible passages!! That helps me so much and a wonderful website to read the Bible on is JW.org!!  Super positive and encouraging!!! It’s my go to!! I think you’ll enjoy it too!

I hope some of these suggestions helps you!! Best wishes, hang in there!!   Thanks for visiting, reading, and following along 🙂 Have a wonderful day, afternoon or night!!

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