Quarantine free Bruno, a dogs day out & chicken salad sandwich with sweet potato fries for kiddos lunch!!

We’re so happy that today marks the 10 days that Bruno has been quarantined!!  Unlike us he’s free to be around others and roam about his community now!!  It was something that totally took us by surprise because he didn’t break skin, or scratch the poor lady he startled!!

As you all know I love my Bruno, my chocolate lab/Vizla mix he really is a good boy,   he certainly needs more training!! One things we got out of this whole ordeal is that We need to get him a fence to keep him in our yard especially for when this lady goes by again & he loses his head!!

Unfortunately he got into some trouble alittle over a week ago and was unjustly put on Quarantine!! He has a training collar on him however on that dreadful day we didn’t have the remote on us, he left our yard, and of course he didn’t listen to us when we called him back!! So that’s why he was quarantined!!

Althougwh we don’t agree with how this whole ordeal was handled, we’re trying to look at the positive even though it caused us great stress and frightened the kids.  The officer was also very rude to me and even threated to give us a fine for dog at large of 180 dollars after I told him I spoke with the lady who assured me there was no harm done, scratches or bite and she was told by him that he wouldn’t be quarantined.

But in the end the officer saw that Bruno was a good dog and even though he didn’t apologize he softened his tone with me!!  On the officers  visit at the beginning of this week I was so proud of Bruno, how could the officer not fall in love with Bruno, he sat on command and gave his best and sweetest puppy eyes!!  It was so cute!!  I’m trying to be a good example to my children when dealing with Injustices but I’m like any mother bear… let me tell you…, my daughter noticed that I’m trying to be peaceable about this whole thing so much so that she asked if I were on the officers side!! Lol!!

So today was Bruno’s big day out!! So We took our Bruno on our new walking path around our countryside 2.4 miles yay!! I think he loved it!! I loved that he could be free at last!!  10 days seems like a long time to stay inside except to go out for the bathroom!!  At least us humans can we can still go out for a walk and go to the store during our quarantine/stay at home order!!

For lunch we had a chicken salad with raisins, apple and onion sandwich with sweet potato fries!! It was delicious!! And alittle green lettuce to add to our sandwich!!


So today was a Great day, we enjoyed our walk with Bruno!! Although we each try to find the good and positive things in each day there’s still so much suffering out there. We turn the tv on to find more people being affected by covid19, so many families with heartache….so I hope that you can find comfort and hope each day too… there are so many beautiful scriptures in the Bible and a wonderful website JW.org you can visit!! Both are encouraging and upbuilding!!  And hopefully you and your pets are safe!!  Be safe and healthy!

Thanks for reading!! Following along and pressing the like button!! Have a wonderful day!!


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