Why orange is a fantastic color this season??

 Orange is a fantastic color this time of year because even if  it isn’t your favorite it’s hunting season!! So Orange it is!! Hunter orange to be exact!! :).
Outdoor hunting requirements requires two articles of orange. One being a hat and the other a vest! These need to be visible from all sides :).  So although we’re not hunting it’s a great idea to be visible to those possibly hunting 🙂

According to Maine.Gov, a person hunting with a firearm, muzzle loader or crossbow must wear hunter’s orange or blaze orange. “One article must be a solid- colored hunter orange hat; the other must cover a major portion of the torso, such as a jacket, vest, coat or poncho and must be a minimum of 50% hunter orange in color”

So today for our walk we tried to wear alittle orange. My son wore his orange cap, I wore my bow on my visor and my daughter had some orange on her hat!! We’re working on a hunters orange outfit for us all, including Bruno!! This is what we have for now 🙂 no we’re not hunting, we’re just out for a stroll!! 😂

These ladies had the right idea!! I forgot our vests today but tomorrow we’ll have them on 🙂  I hope to come up with something just alittle bit cuter than this 🙂 😂
 Stay safe!! Have a wonderful day!! Thanks for visiting!!


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