After COVID Outing & taking in the delightful snowy scene!

Hello everyone!! I’m so excited to share this post! I’m still abit tired but I’m on the mend after having COVID! My family & I got it last week, we were exposed then two days later. Bam 💥 we were all sick!! I’m so glad it was mild for all of us! As of yesterday we were out of quarantine, however I couldn’t run due to back pain associated with my lymph nodes but today was a different story!! Ya hoo!! So here’s how my jog went….

It was such a delightful & lovely outing!! The feel of the brisk fresh air was nice!! Bruno & I were alone on our walking path, we felt like we were the only ones surrounded by snow covered trees in our winter wonderland!! It was so peaceful as gently snowflakes were coming down!! ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

As I walked, the feel of my sneakers on top of the snow was amazing!! It almost felt like we were stepping on a carpet of clouds!! I guess it didn’t snow that much, but it was fresh snow, not wet & not powdery either! It was the perfect kinda of snow for today 🙂 I loved the sound & the feel of it anyway 🙂 Bruno was so good he walked right beside me, there was no back pain & if just felt so nice to get back out there 🙂 **update & helpful hint; you shouldn’t do strenuous exercise first two weeks at least, i should have taken it easy I was told by the doctor… oops

Happy trails! Have a great day!! Hope you’re safe & for those that are sick, that you recuperate soon!! Want an easy recipe for soup, check out my post from last week!! Bye!!

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