Wanda, Exceptional Customer service in Payson, Utah

A special shout out to Wanda at the Payson, Utah Dollar Tree!! She was the perfect person to help me!! I was so glad we had a super helpful conversation that day!! Thank you so much Wanda for your helpfulness & for asking if I was finding everything ok!!  I appreciated your insight & help on ways to prevent dehydration!!


As a former cyclist,  her longest ride being 176 miles long, she knows the importance of replenishing electrolytes!! She Also acknowledges the importance of protein every 2 hours while doing intense exercise, which was the same thing our pediatric doctor suggested for my 13 year old daughter to help her dehydration & Pedialyte!! Wanda agreed about Pedialyte as well!! We also agreed that gaterade wasn’t as helpful when a person is dehydrated 🙂 that was what my daughter was drinking! Not only does it have a lot of sugar but it doesn’t contain essential nutrients as other drinks like Pedialyte, Nuun or hydro mate offers!! 

Wanda showed me where to find, “Hydramate”hydration packets there at the dollar tree & suggested Nuun dehydration tablets that could be purchased elsewhere! 

Great customer service is hard to find, & Wanda you’re a wonderful example of it!! Keep up the great work!! You made my day Amiga 🙂 thank you!! 

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