Life is an adventure, & Road-trips are too & are so worth it!!

Life really is an adventure isn’t it?? & isn’t it true we’re always learning new things thoughout? In life, There are also ups & down & the same goes for round trips  too!! Some times we even see things in a different light because of our experiences too 🙂  well  the same goes with Road-trips!! Road trips are pretty amazing 🙂  However on this post I will be reflecting on the balance needed to enjoy them 🙂 & so don’t get discouraged because the flat tires can get fixed easy peazy!! Lol!! 

Appreciate the little things 

It’s so important to appreciate the little things & adapt to changes!! Like When you’re home you can freely take showers, now if your boon docking however water is a precious commodity so you have to plan for showers or take very short ones!! We’re really getting good at using the little stopper to hold the water until it’s needed & then let the flood come down!! Hahaha!! 

Our Rv bathroom is teeny tiny!! But we have quickly adapted to that!! Our small bathroom at home is going to seem like a giant one soon!! Lol!! 

So even though some things are abit of an inconvenience, we appreciate what we have & get on the road 🙂 a lot of it has to do with gratitude as I was reminded in Sedona 🙂

Life lesson 

I learned so much today, it  was an awesome day in Sedona where we attended a meeting funny it was on a Saturday!! Woo hoo!! I learned about the importance of being grateful, especially when life is challenging 🙂 isn’t it true we can always find something good in our life… even when times are tough.. if you don’t, give it a try 🙂 & see how your life can change for the better!! & Dont we have so much to be thankful for though, even if we are going thru challenging times ? 

Some challenges 

Road-trips are awesome!! I love the scenery, meeting new people, trying new food, and experiencing new things!!  But it can be challenging too!! You can break down!! Get flat tires, we had to change 3 already!! Two flats & our spare had a deformation problem!! The elevation sickness got me also!! Hahaha not to mention my daughter got dehydrated & suffered with elevation sickness too!! Bummer!! I’m super thankful to Wanda for some helpful suggestion & the doctor who treated my daughter!! The team was amazing that night we took her to the ER! Both dehydration & elevation sickness is a real thing in hot dry areas, in high altitude places 🙂 but we got thru that just fine! Yay!! I will talk about Wanda, a hero in my book as well!! Thank you!! 

What I love about Road-trips

But thru it all it’s been an amazing trip, one for the books! I think it’s so important to stay positive though when you have issues on the road! We’ve visited so many beautiful places!! From unfamiliar Canyons to the Grand Canyon to towering Maintains made of rock & have so many pictures of some pretty amazing  places!!  We’ve stayed in places that we didn’t know existed & our trip has just mostly begun!! & We’ve met some really wonderful people 🙂 & As a family we’ve experience it all together, which is a blessing in itself!!  Another plus  is I have two MacGyver type fellas that have done it all during this Roadtrip! Thanks hun & son!! Lol!! 

So if you’re planning a road too soon!! It is totally worth it!! With alittle bit of planning or even on the fly!! Stay tuned for pictures of absolutely gorgeous places & posts about meals on the go!! & some fun places to visit if you’re in Arizona!! Also tips about helpful apps to have while traveling 🙂  & helpful tips to stay hydrated!! 

Stay tuned 😉 

Thanks for following along 🙂  have an amazing day!! 💗💗

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