New York Sunsets & advantages of traveling in an Rv!!

As our trip started a few hours ago & I can’t help but appreciate this gorgeous sunset!! & the sunsets that will follow!! It’s going to be what I appreciate the most about driving!! You get to see different landscapes like trees, grasslands & even prairie fields & cows… but what I love about traveling in an Rv is watching the sun set in the horizon infront or to the side of us!! Amazing that It can be seen from our windshield!!

Another plus about traveling in an Rv is that you can cook, put together a meal, go to the restroom & maybe even take a shower(haven’t tried that yet)!! It feels like you’re in an airplane with alittle more turbulence at times!! (I’ll tell you about how my husband fixed the sway bar yesterday on another post) but it helped tremendously!! of course If you’re the driver you will have to stop somewhere, use the Restroom then continue on :).

Today as I was driving my hubby made pizza in the microwave/air fryer!! It was great!! It was paired with carrots of course 🙂 trying to keep it alittle healthy 🙂 simple but fun & easy to eat!! I froze meals to microwave & haven’t eaten out yet except to change up our meals alittle today with pizza 🙂 I also cooked & froze chicken, rice, Turkey, shredded smoked pork for our road trip before we left, part of it was what was leftover from my daughters party!! I cooked for about 100 people or maybe 130!! Lol!! 🙂 it’s been great not needing to cook yet!! Yay!! wonderful!!

My next post will include the sunset from Minneapolis:) lovely.. & Buffalo inspiration coming soon too!!

Thanks for following along 🙂 have a great day!!

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