Beautiful Night Glow at Niagara Falls!!

Beautiful colors lite up American Falls at Niagara Falls State Park:)

They say first impressions are lasting, it is so true especially seeing something as spectacular as this for the first time!! What do you guys think?? Wowza, I thought it was pretty during the day but to see this demonstration of power & color at night was just wow!!

So If you’re taking a trip and are able to plan an evening stroll around the park, it is so worth it!!

Wanted to share this Video with you all!!

we are currently still on the road & I’m way behind in my posting 😉 driving is hard work!! We had a blast today at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park!! Footage & pics to come soon!! It was amazing there too!! Gods creation is amazing no-matter where you visit 🙂 feeling so thankful to experience this with family!! I made sure the kids had cameras & they’ve been little photographers too!!

Hope you have an amazing day 🙂 thanks for following along 🙂

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