Great First day of mini carpentry class!! Woo hoo!!

I’m so excited to tell you all I’m adding to my skills by attending a mini Carpentry class!! I’ll learn the tools & safety part of it & hopefully this will help me be able to continue to be creative & build things!! I have to thank my little sister, she’s so brave to be taking a trade school course in Carpentry!! She building houses, sheds and doing all sorts of projects with her crew mates!! She’ll be graduating soon & I can’t be prouder!! Her goal is to build her own house someday!! Id so love to see that!! 

It been 23 years since I’ve moved to Maine & I’ve loved all the experiences but the culture that has changed here has been amazing! I never would have imagined to be attend a class with friends from Africa!! They are so kind & I have like the sweetest instructor that is teaching us “soft skills”! Skills that help individuals be employable, and team players!! He gave a beautiful speech on character & being honest!! Love it!! I totally agree with that!! We were given a few goodies like a cool hat, a binder with our names on it, water bottle, notebooks, pens & bag 😉 so sweet!! Thanks Gregg!! 

How’s this look?? Hahaha, ready for learning!! Actually my brain hurt after a few hrs!! Hahaha 

We also learned about some Hand tools like different saws, & squares! Different types of wood like pine & pressure treated wood!! Funny that doing a lot of home projects already with our apartment building & now here at our Ranch home 🙂 (I call it that because at one time we had two homes) a lot of the tools were familiar & I recognized the different types of wood 😉 I know about some of the things I learned more about today because when We were living in our townhouse downtown, we were also working on remodeling a ranch outside the city 🙂 it was a ranch style house! My husband did alot of the work on both homes:) 


Here are some helpful tools I learned about & some of my husband favorites he loves to work with like the Makita tools 🙂 I personally love the laser measuring tool!! It is a must have for interior designers!! Here’s a link to my Amazon storefront,


So hurray for an awesome first day 🙂 it made me happy to meet some great peeps also! Hope everyone had a great day!! 

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