Day 3 mini Carpentry class! Makita, the star of show and Tell;

Hello & good day friends!! Im skipping to day 3 of the mini carpentry class because day 2 was torture! I had a stomach bug & did the class via zoom, it was horrible!! i made it 3 hrs then i had to lay down and turn my camera off while listening!! Hahaha! I did pretty good considering!! 

On zoom though i was able to show off my husbands favorite tool… A Makita Driver Drill!!  The instructor was talking about drivers & was showing the class the one he brought in  & since i was home i found my husbands…& showed the class I had one too…so in class number 3 he asked everyone to bring in the one they had at home &  asked me to bring the Makita… funny.. apparently its one of the top brands!! who knew!! 


So if you’re looking for a Drill Driver heres a page on Amazon that can assist you & some at the end of this post!!

We learned about drill bits  & soft woods like these boards & Pvc & other types of boards like MDF!!  We have to know all these so I better start working on memorizing!! I’m having fun learning about all these.. some I’ve heard of before & some I haven’t!!  It’s getting me to  think about the projects we can finish at home & what type of wood to use!! Hahaha!! 

It was a fun 3rd day!! We have a new student in class that speaks French as well as portugese & English!! A nice fella 🙂 i also ran into a friend, taking a banking course!! My tummy was still alittle upset, I wore a mask just in case, as not to get my school mates sick!!  Thanks so much for following along & it’s been great getting your feedback on my blog!! Thanks Earl & Trudy 🙂 night amigos! 


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