Volunteer Day at Carnaval Maine, opening day events!!

Hola & Good Day Friends!! Hope you had a great day!! I had a pretty good one, I loved visiting the Old Port in Portland Maine!! I helped set up for Carnaval Maine at DiMillo’s on the Water on Commercial Street! It was fun! 

Carnaval Maine 2022

Carnaval Maine is a winter festival benefiting an amazing program called WinterKids!! This program helps get kids & their families outside during Maine’s longest season!! Which season is that you may ask??? You guessed it, Winter!! 

I discovered this program last year & wished I knew about it sooner!! When you sign up, The app enables Families to find deals on winter activities like down hill skiing, x-country skiing, snowboarding, iceskating etc… throughout the state, & the winterkids  prices are so doable with participating Mountains & discounts 🙂 & you can even get discounts on equipment! 


So this weekend, there will be live music, ice sculpting, bites & brews & other activities at the festival 🙂 Some of the headliners will be Parmalee, Michael Ray & Sunday, March 12 Griffin William Sherry!! Maine’s own Dave Gutter will perform on Saturday as well as other bands throughout the weekend- check out their website for more info 🙂


Heres a Clip of my day & a preview of what’s in store for the weekend!! I Had fun with a couple of the other volunteers….hope you had fun today too, Have a great one!! Enjoy the festival!! ❄️❄️❄️❄️🥰🥰🥰🥰👍👍👍👍👍


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