Be Ever so thankful for amazing friends & Zoom Anniversary fun!!

Good evening Friends!! Hope you had a wonderful day, even despite the weather for friends here in Maine!!

I just want to say if you have good friends, squeeze those guys tightly & appreciate everything they do!! I’m so blessed to have a small group around me but widening out to include amazing people I’m getting to know!! I worked with a few wonderful ladies as we decorated for an anniversary party today!! It was all them, I just helped really!! There we were wearing masks and all to surprise our friend!! Our friend loved it!! These friends were so thoughtful, generous & loving!! We had an hr and a half to do all this!! I’m so amazed!! What do you think???  Then a special zoom party I hosted!!
I’m especially grateful to everyone that came!!! Did you know that Zoom can be super fun? For sure!! We had a blast!!

Balloon Garland;

Ive always used; balloons tape
but these gals used ribbon & tied 3 balloons together then then wrapped them to create a full garland!! it was awesome!!

To copy this decor;

So tonight I’m going to bed happy & content!! There’s more happiness in giving than there is in receiving says the Bible !! It is so true!! And I’m loving my friends just a-little more!! You guys rock!! Thanks for making today so special!!


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