Simple Rustic outdoor wedding, pandemic era fun!!

Yesterday we attending a wedding in person, our first during this pandemic!! It was such a lovely occasion, congratulations to our friend Evandro & Elsa!!

It was a rustic themed wedding, it was very elegant & beautiful!! I helped a-little making 4 additional bouquets & dressing up the entrance to seating area!! It wasn’t much but it was an honor to help 🙂

My friend used White daylilies, white hydrangeas, azaleas, & and babies breath. These were some of the flowers i noticed for some of her bouquets!! For the garland it looks like eucalyptus was used, white roses, ferns, other white flowers!! Great Job Kerry!!! Also a white backdrop, the chairs had a Gold sash, and tied back with a eucalyptus leaf tie back 🙂 Also a white Canopy!!

It turned out to be a beautiful wedding, despite the threat of rain!! The best part was it was outdoors, chairs distanced apart nicely & by a beautiful lake!! It was abit chilly but we all endured!!

Simple & rustic can be elegant & nice!! Here’s a few suggested ideas to get a look like this 🙂 add some logs and some flower arrangements along the isle 🙂 and it’s oh so beautiful!! Thats what she did!!

Thank for visiting 🙂

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