Bruno’s Family Manners Graduation!!

Hey y’all!! How are you doing? We’ve been so busy with Graduations and wrapping up the school year so haven’t posted in a while!! Hope you are well!!

I’m so excited that today Bruno graduated from his Family Dog manners class!! Bruno, our chocolate lab did awesome on his relay & following most commands today!! He’s so adorable!! He still needs to work on loose leash walking and paw training but did awesome with everything else!! He’s a smart boy!!

My kids got a chance to take him along the small course too!! Look at this cute boy in a graduation cap… aww!! Isn’t he so handsome??

Special thanks to Amy at Positively Canine in Windham!! She gave me the confidence and understanding to help Bruno with his Anxiety!! He’s doing much better in the car and meeting new people!! She was a wonderful instructor & guide in this learning journey!! We loved being in a class with other dogs too!! Bruno was able to make some friends too 🙂 😀 yay!!

Items I found helpful; clicker, treats, treats… lots of yummy treats, long leash for training! Have fun!!

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