5 Reasons you will love visiting Rangeley, Maine in the winter!!

Theres a whole lot of places to explore around the world and places you can choose to visit as a goal!!! When I lived on the west coast I never dreamed id be visiting such beautiful places!! I hope you can visit someday!! If you’re local, take a drive out,  Get out and explore, have adventures… here’s a fun and nature inspired place to visit!!


💕We had a wonderful vacation in Rangeley Maine!! The experience was made complete with a Log Cabin stay close to Rangeley Lake at the Rangeley Lake Resort! It was awesome going swimming and hanging out in the hot tub with friends!! Yaaasss!💕 The scenery was perfect for a winter wonderland getaway! Wildlife included!! There were deer walking around freely in several of the places we explored even near our cabin! That was so neat to see!! Here are our favorites!!

1..Beautiful scenery


The Beautiful town of Rangeley overlooks the Rangeley Lake!! So right from the start of our trip, entering the small town you get such a gorgeous vista!!

2. Visit Smalls falls,


Another beautiful place to visit just off the roadside is Smalls Falls!! Yes it is Frozen but so beautiful and a great place to take pictures, amazing backgrounds!!


3. Stay in a Cabin!!

Our Cabin Home for the week was at the Rangeley Lake Resort!! So warm and inviting, alittle dim than I’m used to but it had a good vibe and reminded me of my husbands home he grew up in!! So there were warm and cozy thoughts about the place for us too!! The beds in our cabins were so comfortable!! Línens had been washed with scent free detergent too! Yay!! Also We had so much fun swimming in the pool and relaxing in the hot tub!! If you can stay here it is so nice!!


4. Outdoor fun!!

Do you like getting outdoors?? skiing or sliding/sledding? snowmobiling or fat bike riding?  Unfortunately when we went up they had very little snow which is unusual for that time of year so there wasn’t much ice fishing going on.. but with the right conditions ice fishing is another good one!! There are so many outdoor recreation this time of year in Rangeley!!

Hiking fun-visit Cascade Gorge trail, Rangeley Lake Trail Center


Sliding fun,


We took the kids sliding near the Resort at a nearby  Golf course with huge rolling hills!!! Fun!!

Snowshoeing fun- Rangeley Lakes Trail Center

Our family had a wonderful time on the snowshoes we rented! We explored the trials for a few hrs, got alittle lost after entering snowshoe alley but thankfully we made our way safely back to the lodge!! Snowshoes are Definitely worth trying!! Unfortunately the weather conditions lacked snow to try x-country skiing, but maybe another time!!



5. Wildlife

Most people want to see Moose on their trip, we wanted to also but nope we weren’t that lucky but we were delighted to see many deer!! They were so cute!!

So if you visit Rangeley  I’m sure you’ll get to see many wildlife out there!! Some people even feed the deer  like we saw on a farm down a back road!! We also got to see the Bison on a farm!! Cute! That’s was fun even though we saw them from afar!!!!

So as you can see, there are so many fun things to do and  see in Rangeley Maine!! Truly a  beautiful place!!

Thanks for visiting! Have a wonderful day, happy travels!!












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