Schools out for the Summer, treats and books!! How to start your own reading program!!

I think Maine kids were the last ones in the US to get out of school!! Ok it seems that way anyway…it’s ok though because we love our snow Days which causes us to go to school last longer!!

Yesterday marked the last day of school!! It’s so cute, every year the teachers play music outside the school and blow bubbles to make it festive for the kids!

So to celebrate we also had ice cream at Dairy Queen!! We loved it!!

Ice cream Celebration!!

My kiddos had medium sized blizzards!! Caramel CannonBall! They loved it, even though my son ended up with a sugar tummy ache and drooping, he wouldn’t have it any other way! Lol!! I had a banana split minus the chocolate…my favorite! Yes I also splurge once in a while!! 😂 Do you have a special tradition with your children to celebrate the last day of school??


Reading program

So what are your plans for the summer?? Do you have something big planned?…will you or your kiddos be doing any reading?? Reading books is a wonderful way to keep your little ones busy and their eyes off the screen!!  Does your library have any programs to get your kiddos involved in reading? Our local library has a summer program with rewards after a certain amount of books, it’s a wonderful idea…we love earning Sea dogs tickets and a book at the end of the summer !! Yay!! If your library doesn’t have a program why not implement one of your own, it does wonders for your kids and their Education!!

Heres an example of our local library’s program… isn’t it awesome??


So for our first day of summer vacation we took a trip to our Public Library and checked out about 15 books for all three of us!! Ya it was wild, but we had so much fun looking around and exploring the different categories of books!! There’s so many interesting books….we love books!! My son can go thru books super fast… I like to scan  and do bible reading and study…and my daughter is learning to read chapter books… I think a goal of mine would be to read a fictional book…at least sit down and read how to train my dog book from start to finish! Lol!!

We especially loved this one…about training dogs.. so funny! If only we could get Bruno to get us a beer from the fridge!! Maybe we’ll try,,, we checked that book out too!!! Hahahah!!


So this was part of our day, the other was a very long bike ride! I’m so glad we didn’t ride to the library it would have been torture… 4 miles of up hill mostly.. just to get there… sorry kids maybe another time!! My 9 yr old daughter would not have made it even though it was her idea!! 

So I hope you can get to your local library or encourage your kiddos to read even just one book this summer… they will love it or learn to love it!,

Thanks so much for Reading, visiting… have a wonderful summer!! Let me know how it goes….

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