When you need to Take a jog, & enjoying the fall weather !!

Absolutely loved today’s jog!! One mile but that’s ok!! I was so inspired after visiting my physical therapist that I decided to get back out there! Although I normally have been walking regularly, today was awesome!! I loved loved jogging and taking in the lovely fall scenery, love what looks like Sun kissed leaves.. & the bright yellow and red ones too!!
Who doesn’t need a break now and again?? What better thing to do than to do something to make yourself feel better!! Love those feel good endorphins!! You can walk that’s ok!! Don’t have an hr?? That’s ok!! Take 15 mins or so!! I’m telling you, you will feel much better afterwards 🙂

Hope you all are enjoying yourselves and keeping sane during these crazy times!! Be safe & take care everyone!! Thanks for visiting!! Have a wonderful  night!!

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