Journey home & A warm welcome at SeaTac airport!!



Hey y’all!! How are ya?? It’s been quite a day of travel for me…I’m on my second shuttle & will be in my home town where I grew up in a couple more hours!! It’s my first time after 16 hrs traveling without the kids 🙂 I was fine until I watched this sad but great movie, theory of everything about Stephen Hawking & his wife Jane…on the plane!!! hahaha!! Ok I had a brief moment but I’m fine now!! But I’m so exited to attend my sisters Graduation tomorrow 🙂 yay! Here’s are some cool facts along my adventure route…

Non stop flight from Boston to Seattle 

I found this cool art piece in Boston!! What do you think?? Chris Williams sculptures!! 


Non Stop flight

We normally book thru Travelocity or American Airlines, & because Travelocity  was cheaper we went with it this time!! The beauty of a non stop flight is that, it’s fast & efficient!! I loved that part!!   The not so great part is that it’s challenging if you sit by the window  & need to stretch your legs because well you hate to disturb others to get out & move your aching hips!! Lol!! But I survived & you will too!! Hahaha 

I sat by a really nice young man, studying to be an engineer, graduating in June!! His name was Forest!! Kinda cool!! 

Sea tac Airport 

I’ve arrived!! After watching a sad & motivating movie! I won’t give away why.. a nap & chatting….

Isn’t it funny how every airport reflects the area it represents!! Seatac airport has just that Seattle vibe!! Arty, contemporary & its open feel is amazing too!!  I loved being greeted by live music when I got off the plane & on the way to the train to catch the shuttle!!  

It’s always nice to be back to your other home!! I’m so exited to see my dad & family including a brother, sisters, nieces & nephews & newborn nephew!! & Celebrate my sister graduating from Carpentry school!! She inspired me to take a mini class 🙂 & with that I’ll share some travel info with you as well so I’d you’re ever on this side of the country or part of the world.. you can check it out 🙂

Bell Air Shuttle service from SeaTac airport 

So from SeaTac you can take a taxi, shuttle services including the one I took called a Bell air, they take you all across Washington state!! I’m going to Central Wshington  this time but I’m sure you can connect to other locations to catch a greyhound someplace!!! Just go online & explore to find your destination from the airport!! You can do the same back East! We use Concord Trailways 🙂 

*tip: go down to baggage claim, lower level & head all the way to the right of the airport & outside!! That’s where you’ll find the Bell air shuttle services!! 

Snoqualmie Pass


Love the views!! Love the tall mountains 🙂 what do you think?? 

 Amazon store Travel item ideas!! 
Visit this link 🙂

So off I go!! Have an awesome evening!!

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