Fish on!!


Its been a rough and busy couple of weeks but despite it all we enjoyed fishing on my husband’s little boat today!! It’s nothing fancy but it works!! It was a great way to end the school year!! Today the kiddos got out of school early and their summer started just like that!! So fishing it was tonight and It was so much fun!! Very relaxing too!! It was absolutely beautiful tonight!!



We enjoyed being on Sabattus Lake!! I didn’t fish but both my kids did!! Isabella caught one big Black Crappe!! And Solomon caught 3 good sized one and one little one!!! These fish have quite the name!! Sounds terrible but they taste very delicious!!

Fishing is my sons favorite thing to do!! Its a wonderful family fun activity that doesn’t take a lot of money or even expertise to get into!! Its a wonderful activity for anyone- so anyone can do it and helps get you outside in nature and get out to spend time with friends, family or even some alone time!!  I mean anyone!! Here in Maine you need a liscence but its very affordable, and easily purchased online or even places like walmart!! Did i mention my kids are 11 and 8!! So really anyone can do it!!

What I love about Maine is there are so many place to go and fish like ponds, lakes or  even the ocean!! Im sure if you check out your city or state website you can get more information!! As far as how to do it goes, my son would love to teach you!! He says he’d like to have a section on my website to help people learn to fish!! That’s so nice of him!!  Maybe one day you will see his section on my blog!! But For now you can look online or even on YouTube and get tips on technique and info on lures and bait!! Well good luck with your fishing adventures and exploring nature around your area!!


Id love to hear from you, leave a comment or contact me here!! Thanks


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