Our visit to the “Vista of Maine”, beautiful & rustic by mainechica

The Scenic Vista of Maine Vineyard & Cidery is an absolutely gorgeous place to visit here in Maine!! Located just 50 mins from Portland Maine and 20 mins outside the Lewiston Auburn area, in a town called Greene Maine!! It is surrounded by 360 degrees of beautiful scenery consisting of hills, mountains and lots of trees, apparently you could also see Sabattus Lake from here too!!. I didn’t get to spot that, but how cool!! Aside from the beautiful surroundings you can also enjoyed the wine and hard cider here!! Yummo!! I loved the Mainiac Gold-Cranberry hard cider!! The tasting room features Ricker’s Hard Cider & Wine!!

I had quite the time getting here because it is in what seems like the willywacks and my old fashioned plug into the cigarette lighter part of the car, gps has not been updated, so once I used my phone’s gps, I arrived safe and sound!! Thank you Siri!! So you probably for you it won’t be hard to find, I just happened to have driven thru what seemed like all creation before I could find it!!!

So once you get close you onto Coburn Rd, You will be driving up a dirt road and wondering If you’re going the right way, and you are!! You will see signs for functions and weddings!! Then after passing what looks like a vineyard and making your way upward over a hill, you will see the parking lot!! Then You will discover the beautiful views this area offers and I think it is definitely worth the time & effort looking for it!! Lol!!

So we were here Saturday afternoon saying Goodbye to some friends with a PotLuck Dinner Going away Party in the Vista room!! It was a perfect spot to just spend time together as friends and hang out!! Play games, toss the ball around, take pictures and enjoy the Hard Cider and Wine!! There was probably over 100 people here!! We had so much fun and the food was yummy!!

I’ve discovered that the The Vista of Maine is also a wonderful location for rustic wedding’s!!! This location is absolutely perfect and the Barns here especially the Red one gives the rustic feel many couples are looking for!! Taking wedding pictures here would be absolutely perfect too!! Check out their website: vistaofmaine.weebly.com

This place would be perfect for any a rustic anniversary Party, wedding shower, baby shower or family gathering too!! I absolutely Love this vibe!!

It would have been perfect if we found this place last year when my husband and I celebrated 17 yrs of marriage and we had a barn style party at our home. I’ll have to write about that another time.. I’ll share with you how we got that rustic feel!!  you will laugh at how we got that atmosphere!! Lol!! It worked for us!! and we had so much fun too!! But this Vista of Maine would have been perfect!! Maybe for our 20th or 25th wedding Anniversary!! Maybe.. Lol!!

Thanks for following along, if you’re visiting Maine this summer, this place is worth a try!! Just the view is amazing!! If you like wine, or hard cider, this is the place to get it too!! Yumm!!

Please leave me a comment about your experience here, how you liked it if you were encouraged to visit or thumbs up, and/or Like!! Thanks guys!! Enjoy!!

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