DIY Jewelry Cabinet by Mainechica

How many necklaces do you own? Bracelets? Do you find it hard to find a place for your fabulous jewelry collection? Have you ever thought of making something yourself? Here’s an easy DIY idea!!

There was a time i used to work for a company that I used to say was the LL. Bean of Jewelry, Lia Sophia!! I really loved it and had so much fun being a Jewelry Sales girl, and best of all I was able to collect many beautiful pieces!! Sadly The company is out of business Im not sure what happened, but lucky for me, i still have lots of jewelry!! However the only bad thing and I’m embarrassed to say is in collecting so many pieces I had so many necklaces it looked like a tangled mess on my dresser!! It was horrible, not joking!! Lol!! it even got to the point that my husband noticed too! Oops! lol!! So i needed to do something about this!!
I looked online and went to different stores to get ideas and maybe find something i liked. There are many jewelry options out there!! There are stand alone Jewelry cases, ones you can hang, jewelry ornamental like stands and one client even had Jewelry cabinets specially made for her with the ability to use a lock & key!! I thought they were pretty neat!! You can check online and choose something suitable for you and what fits in your bedroom and/or home.. some however are a little pricey!! So i decided to use a little creativity and come up with one of my own since I couldn’t find one I needed, and I totally love the one I made!! So here’s how i made it, hope you find it useful for your needs!!

(lucky for me my hubby is my handyman, he helped me make this beautiful and practical Jewelry Cabinet!!!!)

To Make:

I used a medicine cabinet I purchased at a yard sale
4 Pegs
3- Multi tool rack (9inch)
Table saw

I purchased a full sheet of Pegboard and Pegs at Home Depot. Home Depot already sells a precut and ready to use Pegboard. 3/16 in. x 2 ft. x 4 ft. or easily cut to the size you need.  Attractive panels are prefinished and accept 1/4 in. peg accessories.

However the day i went to the store they were out of stock so i purchased the full sheet of Pegboard. A kind sales associate cut the pegboard in 4 parts so i could put into my cart and vehicle 😉 thanks so much..
Then the Pegboard was cut to the length i needed which was the longest measurement i needed to fit into the opening of the cabinet. So glad my husband is so handy and does all our carpentry!! He later cut it to size to fit the opening and drilled it in place, He cut to size again to fit property because there was a rim we hadn’t taken into account.
Once you get a correct placement of the Pegboard to the cabinet it was drilled in place. Pegboard accessories usually come with spacers to mount Pegboard and allow enough room for hooks and the tool holder i used for this project. In this particular project it wasn’t needed..

I fit all of my necklaces and bracelets in my cabinet and I absolutely love love it!! I can now get ready in the morning, choose a beautiful necklace to go with my outfit and my Jewelry is a lot more organized!!

I hope you love this idea!!
Feel free to leave a comment, LIKE and/or share!! Gracias!!




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