Grill on by Mainechica!!

Its about that time of year to fire up the grill and enjoy outdoor dinning and parties!! So so excited!! Here in Maine the weather is absolutely gorgeous!!  Looking forward to gathering friends together and coming up with menu’s!!

So this week i literally started up the grill with help from my 11year old son!! Can you believe its only my second time turning the thing on!! Lol!! Its funny because my dad would make like a fire pit and cook outside or hes also cooked making a hole underground I believe its like a Native American thing!! Or Mexican way of cooking, either way its a native way of cooking. Ive seen programs where people in like the Andes mountains cooked making a pit and using leaves to cover over the fire and food underground!! Neat!! Well here in the US we use Grills, which im learning how to use and cook on!!

I absolutely love the grilled taste of meat and veggies!! Normally my husband does the grillin!! He’s the go to when we need to cook outdoor but not anymore, and im so excited!! Maybe i was afraid or alittle bit lazy…lol anyways girls you can do it!!

This week i bbq grilled these bad boys!!

40CAD422-70F4-409D-A6E1-3414CEEB7A95.jpegCame out delicous!! Im also learning to marinate and add flavor to meats!! This came out yummy!!! A huge shout out the my brother Milo and also my father!! When we were out visiting my brother he always gives me hints on how he cooks but I’d have to say he is a grill master!! His food always comes out delicious!! Thanks bro!!

What’s nice about grilling is that you can use the meat you grilled for a few meals.. alone or in casseroles and/or in my favorite burritos!! you can use for a few days depending on how much you cook!! I believe in being efficient with you meals!! Who loves to cook everyday? Not me!!

heres what I used the grilled chicken to make the following day..


Ginormous Grilled chicken burrito supreme’s!! I used grilled chicken, beans, rice, salsa, lettuce, tomato, avocado and sour cream on a flour tortilla!! Super delicous!! Love love loved it!! My family did too!!  My son says he loves this more than pizza!! I will take it!! Coming from him thats a great compliment because he loves pizza!!

Enjoy your grill and grill moments with family and friends!! Have a wonderful summer


feel free to leave me a comment, or follow along on our journey!!

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