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Sometimes we just have to write…

Sleepy days

We enjoyed our trip out west but we got back feeling so tired and drained from getting up early and traveling, did i say traveling!! Boy did we travel!!  So we are trying to catch up on the needed rest and balancing the many projects that need to be done now that we are home!! I don’t think the three hour difference in time zones and jet lag is helping much!! Lol! I know We will eventually feel better soon!! Poor kids, we didn’t want them to miss anymore school so off to school they went the day after we got back to Maine!!  I’m working on getting them to bed early to catch up on rest they need, that’s been helping 🙂

One of the things we noticed driving back into town was that everything was green!! The lawns and trees were full and green, it seemed like to had rained while we were away.. what a difference six days can do!!  We will take it!!

I love taking pictures and capturing moments, so I’ve been enjoying the memories of family and friends and the beautiful landscape pictures of Washington!  I particularly loved our visit to Pike Place Market, I always enjoy being in Seattle! I just love the city vibe there!!

Entertainment & Project home

I really love entertaining!! My favorite go to meal is rice, beans and of course ground beef taco filling!! Corn tortillas for soft tacos and tortilla chips, & Salsa!!

I had some good friends over the other day and we had an alfresco dinner at our house in the country, It’s our latest and greatest project home but i think im going to call our country home, the “Party camp”!! It’s such a great place for entertaining, i love that it’s a wooded area so it has a park like feel, maybe even alittle rustic, i just love it!! we have a nice lawn and place for a camp fire!! We love spending time here with friends but it’s definitely a work in progress!!

Eating dinner outside Alfesco style is always so nice, and it’s always nice with our

friends. I think it even helps the food taste better!!  It’s so easy to do… just bring your meal outside or bring to a park 🙂 unfortunately for me i cooked everything and brought it to the other place.. so maybe a little more effort but it was worth it!!


We had a wonderful time eating dinner together as friends, we had plenty of entertainment just chatting and kiddos running around and having fun!! Our little friend shared her school presentation with us and we watched a couple iMovies Ryan, Solomon and myself have made!! Fun! We loved our ice cream and cupcakes, even though the ice cream was more like a milkshake!! Loved it!!

The next day, our friends invited us over for a bbq, that was fun too!!  We had a busy weekend back but we had a good time with friends that are like family, so appreciate that!! Especially where mine live over 3000 miles away!!

Will be working on getting rest the next few days..


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