Pretty Graduation Party in a Box, a DIY inexpensive & fun Idea!!


Party in a box!! Literally all you need to decorate for a picnic or party!! I traveled for my nieces graduation & wanted to celebrate her big day with a Cake & Ice Cream Party!! With limited space in my suitcase, I filled a box of decorations and came up with a combination I’m very excited about!! The party was fun, the decorations turned out really cute!! 🙂 it’s amazing what you can do with a bit of creativity!!

Here’s an easy on your budget idea for you 😉

*most items were purchased at walmart, check your local walmart or

  • Napkins: “Class of 2018”
  • Napkins: “Time to Celebrate” (not purchased at Walmart
  • Plates: “Grad”
  • Balloons; White Balloons
  • Plastic Tablecovers Value Pack: in Pink
  • 2 packages of Props;
  • Gift bag: small to medium
  • Light up table sign; Flashing Decoration
  • Congrats 2018 centerpiece
  • Materials needed
  • Tape
  • Scissors

Additional items;
Cake; congrats and name of the graduate was written on it!!
A gift to add to gift bag: of your choice 🙂
Ice Cream: I absolutely love vanilla ice-cream!! I purchased a 5 gallon bucket, purchased at Safeway
Helium; balloons were filled at Safeway for .50 each, I used the ones I purchased at walmart 🙂
Disposable plastic spoons and forks

don’t forget your drinks:) coffee and cans of soda are easy to have on hand 🙂


Plastic Tablecloth

Choose a color that goes with either your graduates school colors or brings out something in your napkins!! It can be the bit of color that pops at your party!! It seems like Graduation decorations are pretty neutral or classic like gold, black and silver.. so choosing a tablecloth to bring in a pop of color to your gathering is a good idea!! I particularly think a bright color is festive, so i chose pink!!

You can also use a tablecloth or i prefer a sheet that can be dressed up for your backdrop, just tape up or pin up and waa-la
I love taking pictures with friends and family,, so having a backdrop is a must at my gatherings!! It’s a small detail but it can add a lot to your party and your pictures! Unfortunately the lighting was not great in our hotel room so we had to make some adjustments and worked with the lighting we had :)!!

  1. Cover table you will be using with one of the table covers; I then gathered the sides into the middle and tied a knot. Do the same for both sides
  2. Make even strips with the rest of your tablecloths.. I followed the natural creases already made, you will have extra so use the amount you would like.. i made three panels..
    1. Use one strip to make the table skirt; tape to the front part of your table… cut a v opening where knot is on sides of the table.
      *if you wanted you could write the name of you Graduate on the front part of your skirt in the middle of your table 🙂 and decorate in writing if you wanted..
    2. Next tape strips of your plastic tablecloth to the wall evenly spaced so your table is centered to your strips. I used three strips distributed evenly.
  3. Use a strip for valance draping to the middle and again to last piece, this will be your top piece to the three panels already on the wall. Tape….but Leave a small section on both ends to bunch up in the form of a flower, using tape to shape. With small section similar to bunched up piece.. make an individual small flower, again using tape to shape and put up with another piece of tape you will be attaching, then place on the bottom of your flower, place in the top middle of your strips on the wall.
  4. Then cut one strip into three sections…to make bows.. you can play with things here to get the size you want.. to make the bows just tie a knot in the middle. I placed two on left side of backdrop and one in the front part of the middle of the table…(I’m also hiding the hotel telephone, lol) i thought it came out pretty cute!!
  5. For bottom, tuck under or tape even with the floor and Waa-Laa…you have your backdrop done!!



Balloons can make your party go from drab to fab!! What i love is that It can fill large spaces with color, here I’m using white but even white is a color!! I just the presence that balloons emits to a space!! Just notice how little kids love balloons, you can spare a few for them to play with!! That’s what i did, they loved it!!

I filled five with Helium for the cake table & backdrop! I placed them taped to the table in an upside down V pattern; three stepped up and then the other two stepping down in a symmetrical pattern, stepping down on the opposite side.
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Plates & Napkins

There are so many styles of paper plates to choose from! You can purchase at the grocery store but choosing plates specifically designed for your occasion like graduation themed plates for this graduation party can liven up your table!! Napkins can do the same!! Just make sure the patterns and colors coordinate well!! 🙂 I chose two different types here because i liked the message on both, one had let’s celebrate and the other said class of 2018, both worked well for this Party!! What I liked is one had more color and went along with the tablecloth, and the other went well with the occasion!!

The final result was this beautiful and fun Graduation Party!!  Our family had a wonderful time just hanging out together eating Ice-cream and cake!!  Taking pictures and playing around with the props!! Thanks also to The BestWestern hotel where the party was hosted at!! I absolutely loved the family suite!!  Another story to come about that…stay tuned!!


Inexpensive and simple Backdrop for pictures & cake table:


Please leave me a comment, suggestion, Like or Share…happy partying!! & Congrats to the Grad!!


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