Why get out & exercise & enjoy the scenery around you!

Its absolutely gorgeous, who wouldn’t love to see the countryside this time of year?? I love the snow crabapple blossoms!! Aren’t they beautiful? I wouldn’t have seen this if I hadn’t gone outside today, so go ahead & see what’s around you!! Or visit a place where you can enjoy nature!!

It’s always a good day for a walk or jog outside, especially if the weather is nice isn’t it?? That’s exactly what buddy & I did!!
I haven’t been feeling good lately but after sleeping in for a few hrs & doing some computer homework we enjoyed a nice jog, & walk!! I’m hoping to run 3 miles by June as we’re training for an ultimate frisbee tournament! So today we may have ran about one Mile & walked 2!! Yay! In this blog you’ll see why I feel getting outside is so important even if you’re sick or have an illness 🙂 you got this, keep up the great work!!

The last couple weeks our family had lots of sickness!! It started with strep-throat both myself & my son had that, then my daughter had a virus which I think I have now!! Lol!! I’m coughing & feeling blahhh but I’m determined to get out and exercise not just for my mental health but also for my body, I’ve been feeling pretty sluggish lately!! I also want to be active & ready for activity later next month!! Also when there’s stressors in your life, walking can keep you feeling positive & ready to take on tough challenges!! I love those exercise endorphins as well!! Don’t you?? It’s also important to listen to your body, sometimes it’s important to wait the start up your exercise routine to allow your body to heal!! Just listen to your body!! Today Mine was saying let’s go! So it was ok, another time when I had COVID I didn’t listen & tried to do too much too fast!! That wasn’t good! So go ahead and wait then, especially if you have lung issues!!

Walking/ Jogging to help your Maladies

Do you find yourself getting up with aches & pains?? Why not try to get yourself up and walk a few mins each day, and work your way up to 15-30 then 45 mins 🙂 you will feel better!! You may be thinking is it really a good idea to walk if I don’t feel well already! My sister has fibromyalgia & I found myself telling her she should go for a walk, she will feel better!! Often with these ailments come with them some depression from being inside & because of the aches, a struggle to get active! But consult with your doctor then give it a try! You’ll feel better 🙂 alittle will go along way!! I also suffer from Asthma & chronic bronchial issues but walking/ jogging  seems to help when I feel I can’t breathe correctly!! Weird but true!!  It seems to open up my airways!! Everyone is different but I am an advocate of helping yourself, take meds & vitamins & eating healthy foods 🙂

Getting yourself moving is so beneficial for your body but also your mental health! I tend to feel sluggish if I don’t move!! I’ve been taking an applied science technology class & so I’ve been sitting for 4.5 hrs a day!! That’s a a very long time & I can feel it!! Sitting for long periods is not a great thing especially for me!! I’m used to being way more active than that!! Hahaha so now I’m trying to catch up from this time Period as well as last years long Covid issues!! Hahaha!! But If you gotten off the exercise wagon don’t fret you can always get back on!! Lol!!
I ran on the treadmill in our basement during the winter months and that was helpful 🙂 but it’s not as nice as going outside!! But it did the trick for that time period!!

Today like I mentioned was a gorgeous day!! I think during the day it even reached 79!! What that’s amazing!! So buddy and I enjoyed the countryside & the beautiful cherry blossom trees!! I love spring!! Don’t you?? Good luck & have fun!! 


Here’s an inspirational short video for you all!! Enjoy! & come visit me soon! We’ll take a jog together!! Lol!! 


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