Why add a Healthy Fruit focused Charcuterie Board or Platter to your gatherings!!


Oh My!  My…My!! With the sizzling heat of Summer fast approaching & graduation & grilling season in that too… why not add a refreshing made Fruit platter or Fruit Charcuterie Board to your days??  I absolutely love these, I think they are absolute  candy to the eyes & are mouthwatering Delicious!! Yummy!!

I absolutely love Fruit, it’s not only yummy but the colors are so beautiful!! I feel It really adds another dimension to your parties & gatherings too!! They are easy to make & can accommodate whatever budget!!  I made mine for about under 20 dollars thanks to Antonio!! Obrigada mi amigo!! that means thank you in Portuguese for a female 🙂

What is your favorite fruit?? Mine is watermelon,  I also love strawberries, blueberries & pineapple!! Yum!! You can use whatever fruit you’d like to incorporate for your platter, however watermelon is so pretty & goes a long way, so it’s a fruit that I recommend you add to your board or platter!! Yummy! & the Green & red is so Pretty!

Putting your Platter or Board Together

Start out with your Platter or Board, choose one that fits your occasion or need!! Ive used a clear plastic one!! I was trying to pack light this day because i already had heavy items like crockpots I was bringing to the school!!  Walmart, Target, or Amazon has some pretty great choices… here are  a few suggestions,

Charcuterie boards & platter

What is the the trick to cutting a Watermelon? I like to cut in half doen the middle, then in half again! half again!! then in half again!!! then cut melon into wedge slices!! so easy!! I took the rind off of some of the wedges to fit into my container as you can see but waallaaa!

Rinse off your Strawberries & blueberries!! Ive arranged the strawberries in the middle of this tray & simply sprinkled the blueberries on top!! Doesn’t this look amazing???

Best wishes on creating your healthy Charcuterie Board!! & hope these simple tips help!! 

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