I Love Waking up to the most beautiful views!!

For most of us we are surrounding by the same four walls in the morning, Day after day,  but isn’t it nice to have a change of scenery from time to time!!  I love our new home and my four walls but i absolutely loved our camping trip and the amazing picturesque Lake we visited!  What did we enjoy when our temporary home was staked to the sandy beach on Richardson lake  Near Andover Maine?  I’ll share some of my amazing pictures!!

Our Home away from Home!
View from our Tent!!

Southarm Campground is located in Andover Maine and Richardson Lake!! Our particular site was remote, which means we could only get to it by boat!! An outhouse, picnic table and fire pit is provided 🙂 The name of our site was Paugus 1 and Paugus 2..

Sunrising over the mountains..


Early morning lake mist

It was such a blessing  to be apart of this beautiful scenery and enjoy the sounds of birds, loons and wildlife all around.. camping takes some work but  is totally worth the effort!! One night we enjoyed a gorgeous sunset, another couple nights a powerful display of thunder and lightning, that was awesome and another the beauty of a starry night!!  So if you haven’t done so, take some time to enjoy what’s outside your four walls!! There’s so much Beauty all around and so much to be thankful for!! Maine is absolutely a Vacation land this time a year, hope you can enjoy it too!

Thanks for reading, visiting and following along…Have a wonderful day!,


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