Getting out to Portland Headlight, Maine!! Breathtaking & therapeutic!! Inspiration for you!!

Today’s inspiration for you comes from the Portland Headlight in Cape Elizabeth Maine! Such a beautiful place and one of my favorites!! A wonderful place to take a stroll, relax, enjoy the  breathtaking views and take in the fresh air!!


Escaping to Maine at this time is a bit chilly but worthwhile because of the gorgeous scenery!! Just bundle up!!

The day we visited the Headlight the gusts of wind were a bit chilly, but it was so beautiful, bright and sunny!! It was also nice to see tourists!! A couple of the license plates I noticed were from Nevada and New York!!!


As  my 8 year old daughter and I walked along the  paths, we noticed there were a lot of muddy spots. We tried avoiding those spots even though she would have loved to spend some time playing in them. Some spots on the path were bare… so to our surprise there were also very slippery and icy spots!!

As were walking in our dress boots, enjoying the views we come across a hill, if you’ve ever walked the Grand Canyon your hiking a hill backward when you start out, going downhill first. Similarly we start to slide all the way down the hill, hand in hand, giggling and screaming…ahhhhh! For what seemed like forever!!  Grateful we didn’t break our necks! My daughter then asks, “can we do it again” so cute!! Of course we didn’t! Funny we didn’t notice this huge gully was all Ice!! Ha!!  we couldn’t see this from our walking angle, but we sure had a fun adventure!!

Ocean therapy, 

Its so wonderful when you can get out of your environment, take deep breaths and just have a good time! The ocean can really have a calming effect on your brain, and help you breathe easier! Probably helps that our oceans are considered the lungs of the earth due to the oxygen produced!! Mentally it helps de stress and clear your mind! Even the sounds here are amazing!! It Has a calming effect! That’s why I love it!!

This is a special place too because of the beautiful lighthouse! Don’t you just love it??

Also when your around such beautiful scenery, you can’t help  but be thankful for life and everything you have! I think of our Heavenly Father Jehovah’s (*Gods name in the Bible) love for us!!

I’m sure we can all use a break from the daily grind too, it’s always good to take a break! This is one of my favorite places! We stay longer during the spring and summer months 🙂

So if your near an ocean or body of water take advantage of the therapeutic effects! If not hope you can enjoy these pics, will be posting a video for you to enjoy soon!

Hope you can get some rest and relaxation in!!

Thanks so much for visiting! Feel free to follow along with us on this inspiringly beautiful Maine journey, with fun party ideas, healthy food ideas, and exciting outdoor ideas along the way!!






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