Be a Minimalista; Conquer projects & clutter! How you benefit!

Projects! Projects!! Projects!!

There’s never a better time to get things done than when you’re home is getting ready to be placed on the housing market and/Or moving!! Staging…. need I say more…This is the story of my life right now!!

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You’re sorta forced to finish jobs around your home, and freshen up others!! As my husband and I are working, I’m thinking why didn’t we do this earlier!! It can be so dificult to balance everything but it made me think of how important it is to do so!!

So my friends, this post is to encourage you to feel accomplished by finishing your projects and decluttering your home!! Rest assured that you dont have to wait as long as I have to work on things… also when you accomplish tasks you’ll truly start to feel freer, you’re home alittle more complete and you can declutter, and be more like a minimalista!! It’s a good feeling even though it’s a lot of work, but totally worth it!! The entire family benefits too!!

Reasons to procrastinate & ways to get past them!!

It’s funny how working and living in your home can sometimes make it seem impossible to get things done!

But tackling one thing at a time..will eventually leave your home finished some day!! You can do it!!

It Takes time!! A lot of time, time we seem to not have!!

But you Can find time, even if it is 15 mins, you can also make time by Scheduling projects, write it in a calender!! Serves as a great visual aid, and if you have to reschedule just make adjustments..move the date… no problem.. even small projects… it’s so important to make a plan, prioritize and you’re on your way!! You’re setting goals and that’s what’s important!!

clutter can be overwhelming!!

So work one room at a time!! You can do it!! A suggestion given to me years ago was to work from your front door and rooms that visitors can see then work your way around your home and closets!! DONT try to do everything at once, you will burn out!!


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Use a three bag system or box system!!

1.) trash 2.) Give away 3.)goodwill

then find a place for the items youre keeping!  Can’t find a place for something, consider which bag or box to put it into!! Just Get rid of it!! Do you own more than One of an Item? Why not just Keep one get rid of the rest! Now you’re thinking like a minimalista!!

My projects

My projects so far have been painting problem areas, staining steps and kickboard in the kitchen, touching up paint and decluttering  galore!! I’ve taken a few trips to goodwill, given some things away, and thrown away some things too!! It time but the results are amazing!! I love the transformation!!

Good reasons to live a more organized life, more like a Minimalista?

First reason, for you!! As a mother  you can feel good about yourself!! Clutter and caos go hand in hand with depression and anxiety!! So why not put the time and effort in to better yourself !!:)

With an organized home, you can find what you need, so less frustration! You can think better!! Breathe easier, have a cleaner healthier environment, less stress and more company!! Clutter=disorder and a frazzled life is not what we want! You’ll feel so freeeeee after your hard work!! Yay!!!

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2nd reason is for your Family!! You can have a calmer and much happier family, an environment where kids can thrive!!! More time for the kids, not just spending time with your stuff and thier stuff!!  🙂

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So it’s definitely worth the time and effort to find a home for your things, declutter, and finish projects around your home!! You and your family benefit will! Why not start today!!

Hope you’ve found this helpful, thank you for reading and visiting!! Feel free to Follow the blog, share, like 🙂 or leave a comment!! Muchas gracias!!

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