Relaxing Winter walk in the Maine woods, Motivation to stay active!!

Ahhh! Loved the fresh air and walk along the lake!! It’s never a better time to de-stress than when you have wild and crazy days!! Walks are Great for slimming down too!!!  I’m loving staying at my weight, lost about 8 lbs, eating healthier and trying to keep active!! Hope you are enjoying your fitness journey and reaching your goals!! It’s So important to keep yourself motivated!! What are your exercise goals for 2019?.

Here are a few pics of our one mile journey yesterday!! So far We’ve walked two days in a row this week, yay!!

Winter walks are so much fun!! Is there a trail near your home?? I know in our part of the country it’s winter time, how about for you?? I know in some places it’s summer that’s great too!! 👍 Proud of my best friend, wished she lived closer, a busy mom of four who goes to the gym a few times a week!! Keep up the great job Cecilia!!

Exercise is  certainly not the easiest thing to fit into our schedules but definitely worth the time and effort!! So keep up the good work!! If you’re in a slump, just keep trying!! You can do it!!

It’s so  relaxing to breathe in the woods, chilly air and beautiful scenery!! The kids and I had a 1/2 mile race on the way back!! Also Helps keep you warm!! Plus it’s fun for the kiddos too!!

One of my suggestions to keep active is to mark and figure out how much you want to walk….Mileage is important, because you have a goal in mind 🙂 , find a mile marker then head back for a total of two glorious miles!! For our walk on this day we only did a mile… yes I love mile markers, most  paths don’t have this luxury!! Can you see the 1/2 mile marker…Yay!!

It’s  been a whole year since my foot  injury, Facebook reminded me yesterday, so happy to be out of an air boot, been out for a while now, just trying to not to reinjure  myself!!… yes I’ll take this and any walk… slow and steady and that’s fine with me 👍👌 I’m so Happy that I can even dance now yay!!

 Have a wonderful snow day friends in Maine!! Have a great day and wonderful outdoor or indoor exercise fun !!  I love that I have visitors from around the world!! Thanks for visiting!!

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