Bruno’s Dog training; Petco graduation Adult Dog level 1!!

Do you have a dog/ puppy? Does yours need alittle training? Or a lot of training? I recommend taking a course to learn to teach your dog basic commands like sit, stay, and come!! It can be also mean saving your dog’s life in situations where your dog needs to obey for his safety!! I highly recommend this class as a first step in training your dog and in a sense getting training yourself!!

We participated in the program this spring and since then have taken further steps to train Bruno like reading a fabulous book I highly encourage you to read, entitled Team Dog, How to train your dog-The Navy Seal way by Mike Ritland, an excellent read and wonderful accompaniment with the Petco method of training….he’s definitely a more obedient dog now….. I would absolutely love it if bruno can pass the AKC Canine Cerrification to help him become a therapy dog but he needs a lot of training and so do I… enjoy this cute video of Bruno picking his graduation gift!!

Petco Adult Dog, Level 1 Graduation day!!

oh my gosh Bruno was like the cutest dog ever, I know I’m being partial…lol but we are our dogs biggest fans, right! It was so funny because not only was he the biggest dog in the class but he chose the biggest toy in the pile for his graduation gift too!!

I really enjoyed the class and Bruno and my kiddos did too! Have a wonderful day, hope you enjoy your dog training journey… I’ll keep you posted on mine!! Thanks for reading and/or following along!!


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