Summer walks for families and ways to get active, dog included!!

Hello everyone, hope you are having a great summer and getting out into nature!! On this post I will hopefully encourage you and your family to get outdoors and enjoy some exercise!!

We’ve been enjoying our long walks and outdoor excursion, hope you are too!!


I feel its so important to get out and get your body moving!! Im trying to instill in my children the need to be spiritually but also physically healthy!! Both so important!! My kiddos are 8 and 11, so the gym is not an option!! But getting out and about especially during the summer months is so important for our kiddos and ouselves as parents!! Plus being outdoors is so much more fun!

A girl and her dog!!

Pediatricians recommend  1 hr of exercise a day , which is wonderful, but even having a small goal and working your way up is a great thing.. when we walk we try to do a 2 mile course for our family… which can take about 45 mins.. but we are happy to get out and enjoy the outdoors for that long because of the diversity in ages i think this is sufficient for us 🙂 bellas pretty tired by the end of the trip!!

So on this walk we also brought our dog, Bruno!! It’s also important that they get exercise too!!

Some suggestions for you to get outside and get active

  • go to the park
  • go for a walk; trail, path, or even around your neighborhood…
  • Go for a run
  • bike ride
  • rollerblade
  • play ball; soccer, football, pass beach ball,,,,anyball
  • play bat-mitten
  • If your a momma and super busy… park farthest from the store and make it an adventure for your kiddos!! Maybe short list trips..
  • jump rope.. you can do that anywhere!
  • hike a mountain,, so many trails here in Maine, Im sure you can find some in your area!!

There are so  many good reasons to get active but the ones I like is:

1. your school aged children have a lot of energy, that they need to burn off.

2. It’s good for your mental health, and theirs too!! So much things to enjoy!! So many children get bored so fast so why not help them along… also they say 45 min of exercise is the same as Prozac!! So exercise without side effects!! Can’t beat that!!

3. Great for your body!! And theirs too!!

Things to remember:

1. Sunscreen is so important to put on

2. Bug-spray; not a huge problem if you live in town but definately needed in the woods!!

3. Wear a hat

4. Bring along bags for doo doo… doggie doo-doo of course!!

5. Water bottle


best wishes and enjoy being an outside!! Love that its motto for LL.bean!!  But it can be yours too!! 😘

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