Love Iced Coffee?? Why not make it yourself!! So delicious and refreshing!!

If you’re like me you love coffee and when its hot you drink Iced coffee!! Right??? Being that its summer you probably have a calendar full of activities and plans with friends and family like me too!! Have you thought of bringing along your favorite non alcoholic beverage of choice to these events or outings!! For me its iced coffee!!  On this post i will explain how it can be done pretty easy and in a way so your not spending a small fortune at a drive thru near you and be able to share with your family and friends!!

What you will need:

  • Coffee.
  • Ice
  • cinnamon
  • creamer Land O Lakes has a 24 pack of mini moo’s half and half small containers..or you can purchase a 16oz, 32 oz container of half and half!!
  • whipped cream


Normally I use 1/2 cup of ground coffee in my 10 cup coffee maker.. I have a Bunn coffee maker that will brew coffee in three minutes which I absolutely love!! I also think the coffee brewed in it makes perfect coffee consistency for iced as well!!! So I am sure your coffee maker you will be using will work even better, because yours will be a little stronger and will brew slower!!

I love adding a dash of cinnamon to the coffee grinds to give an added dimension while brewing! ! Yumm!! I love cinnamon and its also very good for you… just add a dash, too much and for some reason the coffee maker will go bezurk.. and it may start sputtering out water and coffee grounds all over your counter!! So keep an eye on your coffee maker to make sure its brewing correctly!!

Allow the coffee on counter to cool down… you can also put in the refrigerator after its cooled off !! You can also make it the day beforehand..and store in the refrigerator!!

fill your coffee cup with ice, give it a dash of cream…add the iced coffee!! Add whip and enjoy!!


To take along in your cooler; put coffee in thermos or spillproof carafe.  fill large plastic ziplock with ice, bring along half and half and sugar, and don’t forget the whipped cream!! I absolutely love my coffee with whipped cream, its delicious!! I dont add sugar to my coffee though, i also love adding caramel drizzle on top!! You can add that to your bring along items too!! Don’t forget cups/coffee mugs and/or drink containers!! Enjoy!!

Ice coffee fun!! Easy to make yourself!!

This is wonderful to take to the beach, camp or bbq and/or family gathering!! So refreshing!! Everyone will love you for it!!  Enjoy!!

Hope you’re having a wonderful summer!! Would love to hear from you….leave a comment if your want!!






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