Last homemade dinner casserole @ our city home, Our roughing it story!!

So it’s a sad looking state of affairs here at our city home, an almost empty refrigerator and an almost empty house! But surprisingly we are not lacking anything!! Weird but true! My husband says he hasn’t eaten better!! Lol!! I’ll tell you why…

This is the last dinner we will have at our home today at the house we’re selling!! Yummy!! It is a Mexican rice, beans and turkey casserole, with a side of carrots!! That’s all I have left!! Lol,,


We literally are camping at our house and it feels great… we have mattresses on the floor and bedding.., our toiletries and suitcase of clothes and towels we set out for a few days!!! Yay!!

Also we have plastic wear, paper plates and disposable cups… a knife, can opener, serving spoon and spatula! You really don’t need much to get by


Cant forget Bruno, and his dog food… poor fellas toys got packed even!! Oops

This is what happened, The final inspection at our house in the country has been scheduled for Thursday but unfortunately we can’t move in until the city approves the home.. so it was best to stay even though we already moved most of our belongings!! The closing was just rescheduled til next Tuesday but should have been this Thursday so we will see what happens with that….

So being prepared has made it possible to survive! I made a 15lb turkey and pinto beans Saturday, and boy was it yummy!! This was also planned being we had to clean out the freezer….So we had several meals from that.. I made Mexican rice yesterday with the little I had left to cook with.. a Pan was left out for our meals 🙂  and also a box of spices and cooking oil!! And a can of tomato sauce AND GARLIC,

We also have beer and wine left over from our moving party Saturday!, we are definitely all set!! Just have to pick up some milk for the kiddos and we’re good to go for today,, I love coming up with other combination of store bought foods to tie us over with and pizza of course,, I’ll share my store bought quick and easy meals I come up with with you!! I have some favorites….Follow along 🙂

Do you have a roughing it story to share?? I Would love to Hear it!

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day!!



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