Let there be a Mailbox!! So exciting!!

Im so excited, we now have our very own mailbox at our new home in the country!! Yay!! A huge step to transitioning over to our new house….. I know, I would never believe in my younger years that I would find this so exciting!


Who knew you even had to put one in, that was so foreign to me….living in the city that was already done for you!!

My husband Purchased put together at home depot bought another metal piece inserted into the ground and even adjusted the one we bought to fit bigger packages, it was a win win… I wished there could be more of a selection, or had the ability to design one… but I like the one I chose!! It’s very cute! Do you like it??

Today’s we have the occupancy inspection with the city and hoping everything passes! Unfortunately we can’t move in without this permission!! Stay tuned…..


To shop this page….This is the mailbox I purchased available on Amazon 🙂

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