Home sweet home!! our first night at our country cabin!

Hello everyone! So excited to announce we spent our first night in our new home yesterday!! We were granted a temporary occupancy license for three months!!  so that was our green light to finally be able to move over, We were so excited!! It’s not perfect and the bedrooms are filled with boxes but we were happy to be in our home sweet home!! So last night at like 8:30 we were putting three beds together….. I’m so 😴 but so happy at the same time!!

I picked this rug up at Mardens! My favorite discount store… it sure fits the look and feel of our home! I just had to put it in front of our door as you walk in!!


You know the feeling you get when you go camping, if you enjoy it and you wake up to nature… well that’s the feeling I got this a .Its an amazing feeling to wake up with lot of natural light flooding our windows and stepping outside and feel like you’re in the woods! We have neighbors nearby and live like mins from the turnpike, we don’t have mountains but we have trees and wildlife and lots of grass around! I absolutely Love it!! I saw a flock of turkeys on the railroad track on the way to drop the kids off at school this morning, one even had his plumage fanned out! I just love this country setting!!!

I love animals… so much so that even when I was visiting a small village in Mexico I just had to take pictures of the donkeys People were using to carry things or found a flock of sheep going into someone’s courtyard fascinating,,, I know that it’s native to that particular area but I think it’s  so neat!,, like seeing turkeys and deer in Maine because growing up in the Yakima valley, Washington state this is rare,,, so can’t wait to see more wildlife here 🙂

I also love my contemporary kitchen and modern appliances! Can’t wait to show you guys and invite friends and family over!

We still have lots to do in three months to get the permanent license and much to organize but we’re planning to take things day by day and that way we can keep our stress down…. I know eventually we will finish all our projects!! we’re just so happy to finally live here! Yay!

So as tired and exhausted as I am, and want to just go to sleep we have an art show to go to tonight at the kids school! Hope you have a wonderful evening and great weekend!! Thanks for reading, liking and following along 🙂


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