Let’s kick Post COVID Syndrome out with natural & homeopathic supplements!!

Who’s tired of COVID?? I think we all are, & sadly for many people who have had COVID, including myself, have been left with its many painful side affects!!  Unfortunately for some it’s very severe, for others it may be fatigue or even a lingering cough!! I’m so sorry if you’re dealing with this!!

What happens is that Post COVID syndrome activates an inflammation response to a persons body & organs! For some it can cause mental illness too!! For me it was inflammation to my lungs & rib cartilage!!!Boo hoo!! So here are some things that I’ve learned about that could help you & me!!

Some individuals may be prescribed medication? But what about if you have only been prescribed Tylenol & Ibuprofen? For myself I’m trying natural & homeopathic supplements:) it’s something I’m trying, but talk with your doctor to see if these suggestions will be good for you too 🙂

So today I went to my doctors appointment for a check up of my lungs & for shortness of breath issues! So I was told to continue to take ibuprofen, & Tylenol & take my inhaler to open bronchials for my shortness of breath!! 2 puffs every 4 hours or he said one time in the morning then again in the afternoon!! For some people a nebulizer works better to help with congestion:) honestly I prefer a nebulizer, because if I’m aready short of breath I hate holding my breath!! But I will do what my doctor says!! Lol!! I’m glad he thinks I’m a tough cookie, & he even says I have strong faith!! Why thanks I said 🙂 So getting back to asking for something to help with inflammation, I also asked if I could take something else! So Arnica Montana was recommended, it’s a homeopathic pellet!

Health Food Store

So my 2nd stop before coming home was to the health food store in search for Arnica Montana!! My first stop was to pick up my Nebulizer at CVS!

I also purchased the lung defense supplements which contain vitamin C, Zinc, & an Herbal supplement called Mullien! My friend recommend Mullein, so it’s great that the Lung Defense already contains everything needed to have healthy lungs & help get rid of this virus 🙂 The gal that worked at the store was so knowledgeable & also recommended Quercetin but because I already have my inhaler I decided I would wait on that! But it’s also great for respiratory health & allergies which I have both issues 🙂

Elecampagne Root

What is this?? It tastes quite wild, I mean very earthy but with alittle bit of water it’s ok 🙂

One things it is know for is it’s anti-inflammatory properties, which may help treat inflammation-related respiratory diseases 🙂 my lovely friend Karen kindly & lovingly gave me this to take 🙂 thanks dear!!

I hope these are helpful for you to recuperate & get back to normal, hope it helps me too!! I’m pretty confident it will be helpful! Vitamin c & zinc are so good when you’re sick, and anything anti inflammatory along with Tylenol & Ibuprofen can’t go wrong 🙂

Best wishes, we’re all in this together!! Be safe & get better 🙂 mask up & if you can stay away from this virus it really is for the best! We all respond differently, I was pretty surprised that even the mild Omicron still can cause a lot of harm 🙂

If you’re interested in ordering any of these things, here’s an Amazon link for you. I wished i knew about these soooner but im passing it along to you in case youre sick or become sick!! Have a great evening guys!

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