Amazing Beach Escape, a lovely Maine beach day!!

Hola!! Hope you are enjoying your summer!! For many of us we are staying safe and sticking close to home which is wonderful!! But some days you just need a little respite from it all! So we had our first beach day Of the summer… I have some lovely things to share and hopefully brighten up your day!!  I now it did mine, as I fell asleep last night all I could picture was the calm and serenity of the ocean!

So I hope that Despite the craziness and sadness in the world you can take the time to find something wonderful in your life daily!! Here’s a little sea inspiration for you!!


Sweet dreams from Crescent Beach, Cape Elizabeth Maine!! Our escape yesterday, it was so lovely!!

As it was Our first beach day,  very few people were there it was awesome!! We were only here a couple of hours and boy o boy was It wonderful!! The water was like bath water, a rarity on the east coast!! We had so much fun boogy boarding and taking in the ocean breeze and beautiful landscape!!

Thanks for visiting!! Have a wonderful night!! Enjoy this short video!! From our Maine coast for you to experience too!!





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