Enjoying Seasonal Maine favorites; Watermelon, Corn & Berries!!

This summer has been deliciously amazing, isn’t it true!!  I don’t know about you but yummy fruits and veggies make me happy!! What are some of this summers seasonal yummy favorites for you?? For me it’s mouthwatering Watermelon!! corn on the Cobb and blueberries, huckleberries,,raspberries and blackberries!! …Just to name a few!!

One of the best things is that most of these fruits and veggies are grown locally and some even grown in the wild here like blackberries, raspberries and blueberries!! Unfortunately Huckleberries are not Local to the area but they are found in mountainous regions of Washington state!! I miss Washington  and all the yummy produce over there!!

A cool thing about Maine is that there are local farms where you can pick your own strawberries, blueberries and in the fall apples!! In Washington people that work in the fields picked all the fruit, Aww!! but it really is fun when you can pick your own fruit and even make it a tradition for yourself and/or your family!!

This year we discovered we can pick berries almost anywhere there is woods including our yard and Along the neighborhood!!! Some of our walks have been delightful yummy, we’ve been able to snack on raspberries and sometimes blackberries along the way!! We even found low growing blueberries in our yard!! yay!! Here are pictures of when we found blackberries!! And raspberries!! We made pancakes the next day!! So yummy!!

Some people even make jam and sell it from the wild berries they have found!! Awesome!!


I can eat watermelon all day anyday!! So yummy!! We have farms around our area that grow them and believe it or not they are priced so you can eat a watermelon all summer long like Under 3dollars!! I’ve gone a couple times and need to go again!!


Corn on the Cobb

Who doesn’t love Corn on the Cobb!! Yummo!! It like goes with anything or even alone!!


Wild Berries

One of the amazing things is when you find wild berries growing!! Nobody has planted them, they are like a little gift from God!! Love it!! It’s such a nice feeling to then live off the land 🙂

They are not only delicious but fun to pick!! We were ecstatic to find this patch along the roadway as we took our daily walk!! I didnt know they had small thorns on the Bushes either.. ouch!! I also didn’t know squirrels eat them too, they have a method of getting them down!! They will pull the branch down to pick what they can’t reach….Thank you squirrel for showing me how it’s done!!! Lol!! I watched out my window one day, then my daughter ran out to scare it away!! It ate the rest of our blackberries infront of our fire pit!! That’s ok we need to share!! Lol!! But watching his skills came in handy!!

Although the summer is passing us by I hope you can enjoy the rest of it and enjoy the Seasonal yummy fruit and veggies that go along with it!! Have a wonderful day!! Thanks for visiting!!

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