Loved Wilderness camping in our wall tent; Metallak Island, Maine!!

Camp setup!!

We had an amazing time camping last week!! As you know camping can be hard work but it is so very worth it!! It’s especially challenging when you’re staying remotely and need to bring everything in by boat including yourself!! Kuddos to the hubby and my son who did the heavy lifting and driving the boat Back and forth!!

We absolutely loved our wall tent!! We purchased ours on but purchased the small Woodstove on amazon!! We would have gotten the large stove if we knew it could be alittle  Challenging keeping warm thruout the  night!! We didn’t have dry wood at times either.. so being prepared helps with using the stove!! But I loved being warm just the same!! There’s nothing worse than camping and not being able to warm up!! The last trip was exactly that way!!

For fall camping a good sleeping bag is recommended, I liked the 0 degree mummy bag 🙂 nice and toasty!! Also the Cots with mats work well!! I was comfy!! Bruno and kids too!!

We had a wonderful adventure!! More pics and videos to come!! It was gorgeous and I’m so thankful for our little home away from home and a little glamping style for us!! I’m so thankful my hubby and living in Maine has given me the change to really enjoy the beauty of nature!! (I’ll tell you more about that in later posts!!) And I’m glad I can share it with you too!!

Hope you’re well and enjoying your outdoor adventures and indoor adventures too!! Hope to inspire you to get out into nature!! Do alittle hiking or camping too 🙂 with alittle preparation both can be easy!!

Thanks for visiting!! Have a wonderful day or night!!





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