Designing a simple but elegant backdrop stand!!

Good afternoon!! Hope you guys are well!! I’m so excited to get  back into the swing of things now that we’re home from vacation!! Although I’m so late posting about what seems like everything I wanted to share this project with you!!

A friend asked me to help decorate her engagement party, I was so delighted she asked me!! I love using my creative abilities and incorporating my friends likes and wants to create something beautiful!!

So to begin with I really want to make a backdrop that wows her family and Friends!! As you know I love to recycle and upcyle, so I used what we had on our property to start my creation!!
I love that my husband helps me make my creation a reality!!
After looking at inspirational ideas on Pinterest I came up with this!! It’s still a work in progress but here’s what we have so far!!!

And here’s what we’ve done thus far!!

Thank you so much for visiting and supporting my website!!! Have a wonderful day 😘😘

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