Fighting “Back to school” anxiety, one step a time!!

Goodmorning!! Hope you are well and enjoying the change in season!! I have to say I think it so important to keep or get back into you exercise routine especially during times of change!! It’s so important especially to fight those anxious moments and help you from being overwhelmed!

For many families it’s time to get the kiddos back to school, a time of transition and many changes!! Many will do remote learning like my kiddos. Others in person and partial remote learning!! So I feel it’s important for whatever you’re doing to take breaks as a parent!! I am a stay at home and do volunteer work type of parent!! For me it’s so important to get out to walk! With or without the kids!! I think it’s important for the kids to get out as well because they will be sitting and being indoors for most of the day!!

Our first day of school yesterday was successful!! However we ended up taking an evening stroll instead of our morning walk because of our busy day. Only a mile but that’s ok.. anything is good 🙂 I was grateful we came back in time for it before it got pitch dark!! Yikes!! Sadly the sun is setting earlier 🙁

Here’s a picture of the mushrooms we encountered at the start of our walk 🙂 I love the canopy of trees we enjoy in New England 🙂 and our area of Maine!!

So despite our circumstances I hope you can get our and enjoy nature!! Look up at the sky, in the evening enjoy the stars!! Take time to take in the flowers and area around you!!! Even in the desert plains you can find that one flower…. 😂 can’t get out, get on the treadmill 🙂 or follow along with a workout video that involves stretching, planks and core strengthening 🙂 you can do this!! Hope you have a wonderful first days and great year of school for yourself and kiddos!!

Have a wonderful day!! Thanks for visiting 🙂

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