Chicken/Turkey Tortilla soup with rice!!

Are you a soup lover like me?? I love this time of year, it starts getting colder so it’s a perfect time for soup!! So the soup I made for our flannel, Fire & Soup party was a Chicken Tortilla soup!! I added the Turkey later & it was so delicious!!

Chicken & Turkey Tortilla Soup

This is a perfect soup for a rainy, dreary day like today 🙂 My sister in law stopped in & she was able to enjoy some too!! Yummy!! I got a thumbs up from my hubby too!!

So want to put one together for yourself?? It takes alittle time & I made a few components to the soup but it was my oh my worth it!! It’s accompanied by tortilla strip that I toasted myself, avocado, & cilantro!! Yumm!!


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