Why did I wait so long to make Pizza Dough!! My football shaped pizza!!

What…that’s it!! I’m so surprised how easy it was to make Pizza dough!! I’m not sure why I thought it was so hard to do, maybe the thought of using yeast scared me! Has that every happened to You??

Well with help of my handy KitchenAid and dough hook!! And Bobby Flays easy recipe on the food Network!! (Just google pizza dough recipe and it will pop up) It was a cinch!! And oh so yummy!!

I got the idea when I saw an easy way to make a football shaped artichoke and spinach  with store bought pizza dough recipe on Pinterest!! Hmm I though why can’t I make dough use pizza sauce cheese and pepperoni!! It got alittle messy but turned out awesome!! So yummy!!

I am so proud to say I made homemade pizza dough today!! It’s a football pizza but still!! Close enough to pizza… lol!!

Thanks for reading maybe you’ll corporate this idea in your Super Bowl Party!! Are you Super Bowl ready?? Helpful ideas for your Party!!

Have a wonderful day!!



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