Why be Thankful for the rain storm & beautiful skies!!

Gorgeous skies tonight after a hot day and alittle rain, actually torrential rain, wind then this gorgeous sunset!! Our yard looked greener even, I can’t explain but at 8:30pm it seemed like it was still afternoon!! Weird but true!! There was like a green hue to the atmosphere, it was really neat! Here’s some positive inspiration for you about being grateful!!


I feel like with so much up in the air now a days it’s so important to be appreciate of everything! Often I feel we focus on the stress and maybe even focus on the negative. Even not knowingly wanting  but the stress of our the worlds situation can bring us down, but if we focus on the good things it can make a huge difference! I also think we have to visit being thankful often… I heard a beautiful talk tonight about being thankful for what God gives us! Love it!! It makes my heart happy to think of things i can appreciate throughout my day like the rain and beautiful skies tonight! I’m going to try to do it daily……if we really think about it we have so much to be thankful for!!


What are you thankful for?? I’m sure you can think of many things you’re thankful for, even if your dealing with challenges right now?

Hope you like the pics, have a great night! Thanks so much for visiting and liking my posts.. 🥰🥰


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