Plant based, Non-Dairy products I love at the Supermarket!!

Before COVID-19 I was so excited that we had a wonderful selection of non-dairy, dairy free choices at our Hannaford Grocery store and I’m excited I can still find some there too!! This picture was taken before Pandemic, a mostly fully stocked fridge!!  I love that more and more plant based products are available for vegetarian vegans and flexitarians like me!  Although I’m not strictly a plant based diet person I’m striving to eat and add more healthy plants based recipes 🙂 I made my own veggie burgers the other day, once I perfect that recipe I’ll share it!!  But in this post I’ll share some of my favorite products I like so far!!


Country crock also has a plant based butter option!! I highly recommend, it’s yummy, but last time I visited the grocery store I didn’t find any!! Boo!!

Not all plant based items are created equally delicious!!


My favs for dairy free cheese is the daiya brand cheddar style slices and the mozzarella style shreds in quesadillas!! Yummy!!  I’m not fond of The Natures promise cashew cheese or the mozzarella style shreds made with cashews!! Stinky and funky tasting.. although taste may changed or altered and/or some people may like it, I’m not a fan!!

Mayo substitute


The other thing I’ve tried is the Vegenaise!! It’s pretty good!! I used it to make coleslaw!! Yummo

Dairy free Milk

For dairy free milk I love Rice Dream, rice milk!! Also I love Almond breeze Coconut/Almond almond milk blend!! For baking I prefer using Almond Milk 🙂

So if you are one switching to more of a plant based diet, I hope you can find what you’re looking for at your local grocery store and enjoy the mayo, cheese and butter dairy free alternatives out there!! Thanks for reading!!  Have a wonderful day!

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