Joyful sounds of birds in the trees of Maine!

Maine is really coming alive with the sights and sounds of all types of critters! At night we hear the pond in our backyard coming alive with crickets (loud ones), I’m thrilled that our bats have returned as well. and during the day birds, all types of birds and they are  everywhere!! Today’s post highlights the beautiful sounds of birds in our neighborhood!!


As we went for our walk, it was as if we were in the jungle!! It was awesome!! We enjoyed the Sights & sounds of birds!! As we started out on our walk we spotted an apiliated woodpecker, it swooned by us as it crossed I’m front of us on the road! Those guys are really cool!!  We had a pair of them in our yard about a week ago!! All I could think of is woody woodpecker!! They are so cute!!  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture!!  But I did get the sounds of birds in the direction they went to, notice the nest in the trees….my daughter said the sounds of some of these nests were like the grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles as well as baby birdies are all up there!!   hope you enjoy this video…

What do you think? So lovely isn’t it!!

I couldn’t  help thinking about what the Bible says in Mathew 6:29-33 that helps us alleviate anxiety, the scriptures talk about how birds are fed and don’t have to worry about anything because God provides for them! So if God provides for them we shouldn’t worry about him providing for us!! Helps us be alittle calmer and not be anxious especially during these pandemic times 🙂  Good thought! They don’t get COVID-19 either!! 😂 so keep calm!!

I hope your enjoying spring or your climate in your country! Thanks for following along and liking my posts!! Stay healthy and safe!! Have a wonderful night!!

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