How we went from a Winter Wonderland to an Island escape!!

Hola & Bon Dia from sunny Aruba!! From what we have seen so far, What a beautiful Island!! From the people to the gorgeous landscape!! My oh my!!

I never would have imagined to be visiting such a beautiful place!! & it’s warm 80-85 degrees warm!! My first impression from an east coast winter gal to here was, it’s too hot!! I had socks on, shoes & jeans!! My hubby who just snow blowed the yard the day before welcomed the heat!! Hahaha!!

From Snow storm to Sunny hot beach days! Oh my!! We love it!! 💗💗 if you’ve ever thought about visiting an island, we totally recommend!! It’s awesome!!

It’s our first time to the Caribbean & we love it!! If you asked us why we came, we have to thank our free spirited friends & friends who have posted pics on social media who have inspired us, plus I love the beach!! Thanks Meika!

! It’s absolutely gorgeous!! I love beach days in Maine so we’re nearly extending our lovely beach days!!

The Beaches

Arashi beach💗Arashi Beach!! 💗

💗Eagle Beach💗

Wowza!! The beaches are amazing!! We love the blue , warm water!!

**We’re thinking however that 3pm to sundown is probably the best time for us Mainers!! Or Sunrise!! Not only did my kids get sunburned the first day at the beach but my son got dehydrated!! Oops!!

Relaxing at the beach is absolutely amazing, having a drink, some yummy food & great company is out of this world fabulous!!

Fantastic start to our Aruba Vacation!! Thanks for following along 🙂

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