Finally Finished the OSHA 10- Career Safe, construction industry course!!

What an exciting day!!! I  finally completed the course work & pass the OSHA 10 exam!! Yay!! It certainly didn’t take 10 hours, it took more like 20 hours!! There are so many reasons it felt that way, like for starters Because I’m such a busy mom!! Lol!!  It also felt like I was never going to finish at times but I found that the more I learned the more interested I became!! That was awesome!!  I have to admit I was alittle drowsy when it came down to the welding portion & in other parts that I had no clue about like boom lifts  & parts of it, I didn’t realize what was involved with it before & haven’t even seen things like this used before!! So I learned a lot!! The most interesting for me was the importance of wearing a fall protection equipment like a safety harness when working in certain situations!! Wowza, so important when working on roofs, scaffolding & aerial lifts!! 

Why attain an OSHA 10 card??

One huge reason is without it you cannot work on a construction site!! So as you know I’m taking the course to learn how fo operate my husbands  machinery & be able to design better & more efficiently! I would also like fo tackle the many projects we have around our home m!!  But for someone like me wanting ro learn about carpentry, it’s so helpful because it teaches you common sense & helps you become aware of safety concerns if you’re working on a project!!! This class is definitely inspiring me to have confidence in myself, build knowledge in working with tools safely & giving me a chance to explore my options!! I love my word, Explore!! It’s what I’m doing with this class!! I’m finding the more I explore the more I realized I needed this class for so many reason!! Thanks to my instructor who inspires us & the program offering!! 

here’s the gift I was given for passing the test! My fellow classmates got a gift as well!! Thanks so much Gregg!!  Helga got a special gift as well but hers was special because she just got hired by a company!! Congrats Helga!! It was so cute, she was gifted a hammer!! Awww!! 

It’s an Allen Wrench set!! Yay!! I’m not sure how I’ll use this but I know it will come in handy!! 

So tonight I can sleep well knowing  I don’t have to worry about studying even though I feel like I need to!! Hahaha!!  We spent a nice evening in Western Maine, I made a yummy chicken stew, lentils & garlic bread meal & we visited with Grandpa & the dogs!! It’s was a great day!! I’ll post about this stew on the next post! It came out so yummy!! Hope you all had a great day as well!!! 



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